One day treatment smp

“After considerable research, and having had quotes from 3 separate SMP companies in Sydney, I decided to fly to the Gold Coast for my treatment with Hairline Solutions and here’s why:

A. Cost…the total cost of my treatment, flights, accommodation, taxis and eating out still saved me well over $1000 based on the CHEAPEST price I’d been quoted in Sydney.
B. Result time….one treatment and one follow up two days apart and I was done. I’d been told to expect my treatment to be completed over 4 sessions 7 to 10 days apart. That’s over a month to see the result.
C. Quality of product…these photos are 5 months apart and I have experienced absolutely no deterioration of the treatment at all. From my research I was being told to expect considerable fading within the first few months and that top ups would be required, albeit free of charge.
D. Experience…..Aaron informed me that he performs all treatments himself and has done so since 2011. Over 600 treatments completed he’s certainly got it down pat. I certainly wasn’t happy being passed on to a Beauty Therapist or Eyebrow Tattooist for my treatment which is what I was told to expect.

“My overall experience with Aaron at Hairline Solutions was nothing short of outstanding. If you’re having doubts about what you’re being told, do as I did, give Aaron a call you’ll be glad you did”

Mr J. Sydney

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