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Confidence Without Surgery

Confidence Without Surgery

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Just a few lines to say thank you, and to let your future clients know my thoughts about my treatment.


My experience at HLS was nothing but first class. Aaron was very understanding and professional I had previously had hair transplants and as my hair continued to recede I was becoming more and more aware of them, or at least that’s how I felt. HLS understands the impact that a receding hairline, or baldness or bad or prominent transplants can have on a person’s confidence.


Aaron is frank and it’s very relieving to be able to discuss things that you would normally find hard to talk about even with close family members. I underwent my first session and was very pleased with the outcome, Aaron and I both agreed to start with a soft colour and see how it went. After a month of getting used to having hair or the appearance of having it I then rebooked for a touch up session. More for vanity reasons than necessity as the first session was great. I now feel fantastic and I keep my hair short and it looks awesome, even my transplants are not detectable and add to the feel of stubble.


Aaron did a great job on my transplant scar as well, so now I don’t even think about the back of my head, whereas before I was always wondering what people were thinking. If I had of know about this years ago I would have just had this done and not had transplants but that’s life, it all happens for a reason.


I would honestly recommend this treatment to anyone, if you have worries or doubts call Aaron I’m sure he will treat you the same as he did me, I am extremely glad I sent the first email.


Best Regards,




Hi Aaron Just a few lines to say thank you Hairline Solutions, you have given me back my lifestyle & my confidence, and not to mention my self esteem.


From the very first time I had spoken to Aaron from Hairline Solutions he made my feel right, and not another person trying to sell ice to an Eskimo.


I am not a person that trusts too many people I must say, but Aaron I say thanks to you mate because you not only talk the talk, you also walk the walk buddy.


This is for your future clients to read Aaron…..As I have said before I am not a very trusting lad, but I can tell you people this is the real deal & this procedure is what they say it is. No more bloody hats & no more shaving with a razor to get the sides of my hair the same as my bald top of my head, just a quick buzz cut with my clippers every 3 days and off i go.


Well as you all may have guessed I am pretty rapped in the results of my treatment…..and get this, I have only gone for the one treatment & still am very happy with the results. Aaron has said I am quite well come to come back the second time for a final touch up….and i might take him up on that, but as of now i am very happy just with the one treatment. Its funny you know when I first met Aaron I thought he looked more like a big English footy player, playing in the front row for the local Pommy footy side, but no he is a good man & an artist.


I can tell you all I never blow sunshine up anyone’s behind, but the Hairline Solutions treatment has really made my life complete now, and I thank you again Aaron for giving me the look i have always wanted.



Hi Aaron Thank you for my recent treatments. Please forward this to anyone thinking about having your procedure .


After considerable research, Hairline Solutions was the treatment I chose. It was a quick, easy, painless and permanent treatment that transformed my bald head into a thicker, fuller and more nourished look. And no more eight ball jokes from the boys. Very happy with my new look.


Please feel free to pass my contact details to anyone considering your services and I will be happy to give them my honest opinion, as well as let them view my treatment first hand.

<h2>Hi Aaron I just wanted to write to tell what I thought of the procedure.</h2>

Hi Aaron I just wanted to write to tell what I thought of the procedure.

First of all, everything was explained to me really well during my initial consultation. From the safety used with both needles and the use of gloves, to what to expect from the procedure itself. Everything in plain English and no hidden surprises. I felt that you listened very well to any questions I would ask, and answered these well.


The procedure itself was straightforward, simple and a lot better than the hair transplant I’ve had, because the results don’t take as long to happen, and the pain and discomfort are virtually little or none whatsoever. I am more than happy to now have my hair transplant scar on my back of my head covered up and now you can’t even tell if it’s there, it’s gone, camouflaged really well with the rest of the scalp. I also had another visible scar on the side of the scalp, and now, thanks to your work, nobody can tell that I ever had one. I can have my hair cut real short and nobody can tell whether I had any scars. Simply fantastic.


You were extremely patient and took pride in doing your work; and you kept your promises.

Personally, I found you very friendly, and easy to get along with. You understand the predicament that baldness causes in men because you have suffered first hand from the same problem, so you can fully appreciate and understand those who suffer from baldness.


I think the procedure is perfect for those who want to hide unsightly scars from hair transplant surgery like myself, or to make your hair look denser thanks to a more shaded looking scalp.


<h2>Hey Aaron </h2>

Hey Aaron

Thanks again for the touch up yesterday. It has come up a treat and has really enhanced the look. I really appreciate everything you’ve done and hope that the business continues to do well.


After my hair started thinning, i wanted to find a successful solution that was easily maintainable, affordable, convincing and long term. The treatment at Hairline Solutions provides for all of these things. The Hairline Solutions experience was thoroughly enjoyable. The staff are extremely friendly and cooperative and are always looking out for the needs of the client as their number one priority.


My treatment has not only improved my appearance in the eyes of others, but it has also improved my own self-esteem, confidence and happiness. I would recommend Hairline Solutions to anyone experiencing hair-loss, and from a personal perspective I could not be happier with the result of my treatment.”


Take care Aaron, and best of luck for the future.


Kind regards

Name withheld

<h2>Dear Aaron</h2>

Dear Aaron

17 years ago I lost my hair and with it, my femininity and all my self-confidence.


When I found you on the Internet, I couldn’t wait to call you. You immediately put me at ease and I knew you were the answer to my 17 years or prayers.


Your amazing work exceeded all my expectations. I am finally not hat / wig dependent.


A week after the procedure I went to a family function and everyone both young and old complimented me on my hair. They had no idea why I looked so good until I told them.


You will go on to make many people happy and give them back their confidence!

Name withheld