From Bald To Confident

Confidence Without Surgery

Confidence Without Surgery

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Regain Your Confidence Overnight

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1100 Procedures In 8 Years, 1100 Happy Clients!


Scalp Micropigmentation Also Known As SMP - Gold Coast Clinic

Scalp Micropigmentation Suit

SMP - Immediate Results!

Scalp Micropigmentation Gold Coast - Hairline Solutions is the prime creator of hair follicle replication in Australia. Our unique treatment has become the answer to the age-old problem of hair loss in men and women. In fact, this treatment has for some years been used in the USA, UK, and Europe with great results.

Hairline Solutions is a 100% Australian owned and managed Company with Aaron Grundy at the helm of the business. With clinics on the Gold Coast and Melbourne, you can choose the best option to suit your location.

We treat our SMP clients with respect, and value their privacy at all times; this is essential.

We offer our services from well-equipped and professional clinics. Also, we follow a strict code of practice with regards to the safety and well-being of clients. Our clinics are all located within easy access to airports, public transport or a short taxi ride. With all the necessary facilities nearby, we focus on trying to keep the cost low for our clients.

Wherever you find an excellent idea, you will find imitators - Scalp Micropigmentation Is All We Do!

Scalp Micropigmentation - Professional - Discreet - Create A Whole New Look


At Hairline Solutions we know firsthand what it’s like to struggle with hair loss, we see it every day! Thinning or complete baldness can be an emotional time for many, in fact, it can bring on all types anxieties. Please don't suffer any longer; we can help you regain your confidence today!

Please note that we do not claim to be certified or trained in pigmentation or cosmetic tattoos. Those are designed for lips, eyeliner and eyebrow enhancements. The SMP procedure we provide bears no relevance whatsoever to that kind of treatment.

Why Choose Our Hair Loss Treatment?

Our process of hair follicle replication is highly advanced and developed solely for Hairline Solutions. We create a natural looking hairline complete with the appearance of hair with density.

We use only natural mineral based pigment; this is made to set in the skin scalp once placed, resulting in very fine, crisp, and clear follicle replications. This product is not commercially available; it's produced exclusively for us

Tattoo inks are never used

We do not use permanent makeup pigments that are proven beyond doubt to result in discolouration, fading and changing shape under the skin (migration) over time

Tattooed hair follicles replicate real shaven follicles on the scalp

Our treatment is founded on proven UK methods and tested in depth over time

During your consultation, we will show you photos of our work and not the work of overseas providers or models. Also, we will show you examples of the treatment you will receive. All images are procedures carried out here at Hairline Solutions and are actual clients

We don't like to run Forums or Blogs; these can be confusing and biased in favour of other providers

We can give you contact details for previous clients (with their permission of course) so you can speak to a real customer, and see their hair treatment for yourself

We have treated many clients who have undergone a “treatment” with other providers here in Australia. Our remedial work has given them the result they wanted and rightly deserve. We have albums of photos that we will be happy to show you (names of clients, and providers left out)

We not only treat pattern baldness, but we also provide a solution for customers who have thin hair and do not want a “buzz cut” look for their hair

Ladies may also require our treatment where the “buzz cut” look is out of the question

The Scalp Micropigmentation process can help enhance the look of your hair, making it look like it has more density

We have performed more than 1100 Micropigmentation treatments over the last 8 years, with customers coming from overseas and Australia wide.


SMP For Gentlemen And Ladies Alike

Scalp Micropigmentation is a safe alternative to surgery and the many side effects that it can cause. Don't be left with ugly scars forever, SMP is the smart choice for all hair loss problems. Toss out the hats and hairpieces - be proud of an entirely new look!

What We Deliver - Right here on the Gold Coast!

A Scalp Micropigmentation treatment will achieve natural looking results using our ink formula, specially created for Hairline Solutions. We always ensure the colour is correct and apply the ink to provide a natural look to match your own hair colour. When the process is applied, it gives the appearance of a closely shaved head. If you have the process placed between real hair, the result will appear as having more hair follicles.

Throw away the baseball cap or hairpiece - be proud of a great new look!

Are you ready for your hair loss treatment? Start the journey today - let's do this together!

Hairline Solutions - Gold Coast and Melbourne

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<strong>Hi Aaron I just wanted to write to tell what I thought of the procedure.</strong>

Hi Aaron I just wanted to write to tell what I thought of the procedure.

First of all, everything was explained to me really well during my initial consultation. From the safety used with both needles and the use of gloves, to what to expect from the procedure itself. Everything in plain English and no hidden surprises. I felt that you listened very well to any questions I would ask, and answered these well.

<strong>Hi Aaron</strong>

Hi Aaron

Just a few lines to say thank you Hairline Solutions, you have given me back my lifestyle & my confidence, and not to mention my self esteem.

From the very first time I had spoken to Aaron from Hairline Solutions he made my feel right, and not another person trying to sell ice to an Eskimo.

I am not a person that trusts too many people I must say, but Aaron I say thanks to you mate because you not only talk the talk, you also walk the walk buddy.

<strong>Hi Aaron</strong>

Hi Aaron

Just a few lines to say thank you, and to let your future clients know my thoughts about my treatment.

My experience at HLS was nothing but first class. Aaron was very understanding and professional I had previously had hair transplants and as my hair continued to recede I was becoming more and more aware of them, or at least that’s how I felt. HLS understands the impact that a receding hairline, or baldness or bad or prominent transplants can have on a person’s confidence.

<strong>Hi Aaron</strong>

Hi Aaron

Thank you for my recent treatments.

Please forward this to anyone thinking about having your procedure:

After considerable research, Hairline Solutions was the treatment I chose. It was a quick, easy, painless and permanent treatment that transformed my bald head into a thicker, fuller and more nourished look.

And no more eight ball jokes from the boys. Very happy with my new look.

Please feel free to pass my contact details to anyone considering your services and I will be happy to give them my honest opinion, as well as let them view my treatment first hand.