good look after SMP

Andrew from Melbourne had done all the hard work in the gym but the hairline was the one thing he couldn’t improve upon himself.

“Aaron, I was at my wits end. Years in the gym building and sculpting my physique, lots of tattoos to enhance my look but my hairline was really getting to me. I wasn’t really convinced about SMP after having a few quotes over $4500 here in the city, then I stumbled upon Hairline Solutions and thought well one more quote won’t hurt. I was very happy with your price, but really needed to see it for myself. Thanks once again to Greg for letting me view his result up close, it really got me over the line. Well after a five hour treatment and a two hour follow up two days later I couldn’t be happier, my result is unbelievable. Strong, natural, totally blended into my own hair…..just perfect. Anybody reading this thinking yeah yeah all just made up to sound good just ask Aaron for my number and I’ll tell it to you in person just how it is, you can even see it and feel it for yourself “

For your own peace of mind do what Andrew did, send in some photos, get a quote, meet our clients and see for yourself what 5 years of treatment experience really looks like.

Simply call Aaron on 0425900129

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